"Oh my love, what are we doing here?
This little heart, racing through the gates, 
Lighting up my cigarettes and counting out the change in our pockets, 
Tell me love, will we ever know ourselves?" 

Haven't posted in a couple days... oops! Haha, the weather has been getting colder and colder, so it's time to break out the pants, the overcoats (yay!), and the hot coffee! Love these pants from Urban Outfitters! They were on sale and I just couldn't pass it up! They're really comfortable and I love how it's also high waisted. These shoes that my brother got me are my favorites right now. You can seriously pair it with anything and it'll look amazing. They're really comfortable, but it's not meant for walking really quickly or catching the BART train... haha.

Until then,

What I'm Wearing:
Top - Courtesy of Gen2bano Clothing
Necklace - Rue 21
Sunglasses - Courtesy of Forever 21
Pants - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Forever 21
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