"It's too late, too late, 
You keep trying to resolve the past right now, 
But I swear I'll be the one, 
To let the world know what you've done to me."
Sunglasses [Juicy Couture] - Top [Papaya Clothing] - Pants [Papaya Clothing] - Shoes [Foreign Exchange] - Bracelets [c/o @pameluft & Forever 21]

Today was a fantastic day; let me tell you why: food, friends, food, music, food, and no stop lights LOL. But seriously, I love food. Anyways, I haven't gone around taking pictures in my neighborhood, so I decided that because I was so happy I'd drive out with my brother to get nice shots. Today, I'm wearing mostly Papaya Clothing items because this store is really decently priced with decent material. I love the gold zippers at the bottom of my pants. It's so weird having short hair sometimes! I'm still not used to it, but I love it so much. Sometimes I miss my long hair, but short hair makes me feel like a whole other person.


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