"They always say time changes things, 
But you actually have to change them yourself." 
    - Andy Warhol 

   Last week, I've been trying to experiment with what I could do; although I'm comfortable with my style of art and have a pretty a pretty firm grasp of what I can do, I wanted to explore all the other things that I could do. For my first piece, I was inspired by Victoria of Inthefrow; her hair is gorgeous, so I wanted to see if I could recreate it with some of the colors pens I had. I mixed orange, pink, and purple to give it some highlight and shading. I wanted to make the girls a bit different. Normally, I like to draw girls with their eyes closed because I love drawing eyelashes, but I wanted to experiment with different kinds of eyes. The words written on either side of them are song lyrics from some songs that I have been loving lately: Like a Boy (Debian Blak Bootleg Remix) - Ciara & Reverse (Oliver Nelson Remix) - SomeKindaWonderful.
   For my second piece, I've starting to write again. It's a way for me to vent and rant to myself. It's easy for me to write small, but it's not easy for me to reread what I wrote and that's okay because I honestly would not want to read what I wrote again. I'm currently in the middle of a couple other doodles and sketches, but I'll post them next week!

Until next week!


  1. I love the sunglasses at the first picture. I have a pair in black. They are amazing!


  2. Your doodles and sketches are lovely (do share more)! And the quote by Andy Warhol rings oh so true. Time may blur memories but the passing of time doesn't change things that require hard work to alter like habits and behaviors. Just wanted to say hi! Hope you are doing good dear Diane :) xx

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW



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