"Blue skies, white highs, 
Won't blind me, everything you hide. 
Your shades can't shade in the sunlight."

  When I went downstairs to get the mail today, I realized that I got a package in the mail that I completely forgot about. When I opened it, I saw my current favorite pair of sunglasses (first column, second to last pair in the picture above)! When I went back up to my room to put it away, I saw how many pairs of sunglasses I owned. I can't help it! I think  sunglasses are the best accessory to complete any outfit. They can easily jazz up your outfit, making the outfit classier, more fun, or a bit more edgier. If I'm wearing a simple monochromatic outfit, I typically like bringing the attention to my face by wearing catchy fun sunglasses. If my outfit is already so dressy, I'm drawn towards simple sunglasses to draw the attention towards my outfit.
   I don't really buy expensive sunglasses; they were either gifted to me (Sunglass Spot!), from insurance (because I don't wear glasses or contacts), or bought for under $5! Most of the sunglasses I buy are from eBay or Ali Express. They're actually pretty good quality for something < $5. 
   I'm trying to find a better way to showcase my sunglasses, but I'm not really sure how. Does anybody have any idea? Please let me know in the comments! (:

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. I really like sunglasses too. I don't own as much as you do, but I have about 8 pairs - And that is a lot to me!

    Please check out my blog and ask me some questions in my 'Ask me'-post. Thanks!

  2. It's a very cool collection! I love too sunglasses.




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