"I heard the truth was built to bend,  
A mechanism to suspend the guilt,  
Is what you are requiring still,  
You've got to dance little liar.”

Sunglasses [Aliexpress] - Top [Kohl's] - Shorts [Bloom] - Tights [Target] - Heels [F21] - Necklaces [Marc by Marc Jacobs & Amazon]

   Mondays call for depressing colors. Haha, just kidding! I don't mind Mondays much just because my class starts at 12 in the afternoon. I've been really into wearing outfits with one color throughout, mainly all black or all white outfits. I wasn't sure whether or not it would be cold or hot today (oh the ever-changing Bay Area weather), so I decided to wear all black just in case it would be cold! And if it was hot, well, the material is all light, so it would be okay! It was a bit on the colder side today :/ 

   I thought that these reflective shades would give the outfit a bit more of an edge because they looked a bit like what police officers wore, hahaha. These are my absolute favorite pair of black shorts that I own! They're high waisted and form-fitting. I adore the gold zipper detail in the front; yes, it's supposed to be like that! And blouses/button ups are starting to become essentials in my closet! Paired with a bralette, and it's perfect!

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Looking classy in all black, Diane! As a New Yorker, black is always my go-to color haha. You styled it perfectly here with those awesome high waisted shorts! Love it as always :)





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