The trees seemed to touch the sky as if they, too, wanted to be somewhere else but here; and the fresh air was mixed in with the smell of fresh coffee, and it hit me that I could get used to all of this. The escape from reality, and this could be my haven because I, too, am like a tree; reaching and striving to be anywhere but here and slowly growing to realize that I am stuck.

   This 4th of July weekend was amazing; I got to spend it with incredible people at a beautiful place seemingly undisturbed by pollution, traffic, and stress: Truckee, CA. I've been to this place about 3 or 4 times, but continue to grow to love it more and more each time I'm here. My family along with a couple other families rent out a huge house every time we're here. Last year, we met the wonderful people who rented the house out to us. This year, only the son was in town, so we got to spend it with him. He took us to a beautiful lake where we got to do a lot of activities, as well as a hike somewhat off-trail to the Royal Gourd. I had so much fun and barely looked at my phone or the time which seemed to have flown by too quickly.

The rope swing that I constantly climbed to the top because I've started to love climbing. I surprised myself by being able to face my fear of falling and heights. My upper body is so sore from climbing!!

My friend, Rlija, and I tried to get on the rope together. I'm obviously the more fearless one :P

And the rest of the family & the Brost's! It was such a pleasure spending every minute with each and every one of you. Until next year! Or sooner, hehe.

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  1. This looks amazing!! I would love to try that sometime! You must have some crazy upper body strength haha. Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend!





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