"Broken bottles in the hotel lobby, 
Seems to me like I'm just scared of never feeling it again, 
I know it's crazy to believe in silly things, 
But it's not that easy."
Hat & Skirt [F21] - Sunglasses [c/o Sunglass Spot] - Necklace [Craft Shop in Jamaica] - Top [gifted from Romwe Clothing] - Belt [c/o Charlotte Russe] - Heels [Off Broadway Shoes]

   Happy Tuesday! Or Wednesday if you're reading this after my Instagram post. Today was unbearably and sweltering hot; even the skirt I was wearing and my lack of dark colors couldn't make up for the heat! I couldn't leave without my trusty hat from Forever 21 that I feel goes with everything! This 3d printed rose bustier from Romwe Clothing gave my upper body some room to breathe because of the light and airy material! This is currently one of my favorite skirts because of the sheer paneling that makes it look like the fabric is separated! 

Until tomorrow, loves!


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