"Because I want it all,
It started out with a kiss,
How did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss."
NECKLACE&WATCH || c/o Charlotte Russe
PLAYSUIT || c/o Love Culture

I think I've gotten to the point in my life where I really don't care what I wear to school anymore. I used to be really self-conscious on whether or not I'm going to look too dressed up to school or just not fit in to what everyone else is wearing. But for one, I'm going to an art school, so I should be able to express myself through what I'm wearing and not just through paper and pen or the computer, and two, why should I be bothered as to what others think of how I look if in the end of the day, wearing what I want to wear makes me happy? So to celebrate my new-found confidence, I decided to wear this fun printed playsuit from Love Culture

What I love about playsuits is that you can do almost anything in them while looking stylish and not having to worry about untucked shirts or skirts flying up in the wind; it's just one piece that covers your body while giving a chic or flirty look depending on the kind of playsuit. I was so drawn to this playsuit when I saw it on Love Culture's site because of the black and white almost tribal pattern that covered every inch of the playsuit. It also came with this neon green belt that I was a bit hesitant at first of wearing, but when I put it on, I saw that it really pulled the outfit together and made it an even more fun and casual outfit. I also wore a leather jacket today to toughen up the look, but I forgot where I had left it! ):

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! Let me know what you think of playsuits and how you style them!
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  1. Thank you, Christina! I really appreciate you always commenting and reading my posts!! ❤

  2. I'm usually not a fan of pants playsuit but I really love the pattern on yours and the original cut of the top x

  3. Thank you so much, Shanaz! It's playing in my car right now on repeat! It's an obsession ❤

  4. That playsuit is cute! Love the prints!




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