8.17.2014 "A woman's perfume tells more about her than her writing." - Christian Dior

If you asked me what my favorite sense was out of the five senses, I don't think that I'd be able to tell you honestly without any hesitation what my favorite is. As an animation student, I believe visuals and sounds are important because images on screen are incomplete without something to hear to back up what the image is trying to convey. With the sense of touch, you're able to experience the almost infinite textures and surfaces that the world has to offer. With the sense of taste, well, you can savor the delicacies  that each culture lives on; dishes that give will give you a taste of the a part of the world. 

But with the sense of smell, it's a sense that brings you back to the past. It's the nostalgic sense of the five. It's the one that brings you rushing down the stairs because of the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies that your mom made. It's the one that keeps you sitting on the floor, clutching a sweater, and inhaling the scent of the one you love while they're away from you. It's the one that will stump you as you try to recall where you've smelled it before. I believe that smells will stay with you throughout your life; no matter if you forget where you've smelled it, you'll know that it's reminiscent of your past. 

I think perfume is important and essential to a lady's outfit (and cologne to a man's). It's a signature scent that will help people know when you're coming in a room without having to look up to see who it is. With repetition, the scent becomes a part of you.

I was given the Refuge Forever by Charlotte Russe to try out and use, and I have to say, it smells and looks gorgeous. The packaging makes it look like a brilliant ruby with the deep reds and gold detailing. It smells both fruity and mature, if that makes sense, which is a perfect scent for me because it doesn't smell like I'm a flower garden; the fruity accent is subtle, but enough to know that it's there without leaving you guessing. I've already started to use it everyday and have gotten a lot of compliments regarding the scent, so I'm really pleased! Keep an eye out for it on Charlotte Russe's shelves soon! It's definitely something that every girl should own whether or not she's on a budget!
To find Charlotte Russe's other perfumes, visit here (I highly recommend the love, charlotte xo perfume!)!

This post has been sponsored by Charlotte Russe. All opinions are that of my own.

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  1. I agree with you that scents that we come to know most of our lives never leave us. We may forget about them but a whiff will send us rolling back in time, to a place, a memory of a person. Just basing on your description of this perfume, I think I might just like it! :)

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