Out of all the accessories out there, I believe that sunglasses are the most overlooked (haha!). Sunglasses are the easiest way to give more personality to your outfit because each pair of sunglasses has a personality of their own. Whether it's a 50's cat eye to give more sass to your outfit or a 70's tinted lens to draw more color and attention to your eyes, a pair of sunglasses can really make a difference. It's sometimes difficult to find trendy sunglasses because of their price tag, but SunglassSpot is fully stocked with gorgeous sunglasses with almost every pair you can possibly think of. And the best part? They're only $5 each. $5. Any. Pair. Here are my favorites from just some of the pairs of sunglasses SunglassSpot has so generously given me! 

The 50's were the start of the cat eye sunglasses trend which has to be my favorite style of sunglasses because it frames my face rather nicely. It's sassy, flirty, and an easier option to wear instead of perfecting the ever so difficult perfect winged eyeliner. This photo was inspired by the handsome Alex Turner of Arctic Monkey who I always relate to the greasers of the 50's.

For someone who wasn't blessed with gorgeous colored eyes, reflective colored sunglasses are the way to go. The deep blue lagoon color reminded me of Pixar's Finding Nemo in which I got inspiration from for this photo. The blue of this pair of sunglasses is so deep and rich in color that I feel is almost mysterious. It reminds me of the Pensieve in Harry Potter. 

For someone who isn't ready to make a statement with accessories and is slowly transitioning to that stage, I'd recommend these sunglasses. The frame is a delicate gold and shapes into a simple cat eye. It can easily be paired with simple gold necklaces and rings to give tiny pops of gold in your outfit.

Circle lenses are hard for me to wear because they don't flatter my face shape, but with the gold details at the top of the frame, I feel like the sunglasses draw the attention away from my face and to my eyes. What I love about this pair is the brown/leopard and gold colors that give a warm feel to an outfit which is perfect for the fall time.

Out of all the sunglasses that I received from SunglassSpot, this one has to be my favorite. The lens is a sick oil slick that goes from purple to green depending on the angle and the lighting. This pair will definitely be a conversation starter, and hopefully a conversation with a cute guy/girl in which he/she will look deep into your eyes through these sunglasses as he/she wonders what color the sunglasses are and fall madly in love with you. Just kidding! But if that happens, please invite me to your wedding.

On a side note, I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting daily as I have been! I'm getting into finals week, and I've been hunched over my light box in camis and sweatpants all day and night trying to make animation for my final. I'll post it sometime when I'm done because I'm pretty proud of the work I've done thus far for it (:

Let me know about what you all think about the sunglasses I picked out and which was your favorite! I also received a couple other of sunglasses from them, so if any of you are interested, I'd love to do another post about it! Also be sure to check out SunglassSpot for super trendy and affordable sunglasses. They're only $5 a pair!

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  1. LOVE those gold rimmed ones!

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  2. You have so many fab shades! x


  3. wow you got so many gorgeous sunnies!

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  4. I love your pictures

    Jay' http://the-melting-pop.blogspot.be/

  5. I couldn't agree more that sunglasses are an easy (and affordable!) way to add a whole new vibe to your look. I absolutely LOVE the pairs you are showing here, especially the deep blue sunglasses. Gorgeous!


  6. Thanks, Cissy! I love it when there are new styles of sunglasses; I must have them all!! And no problem! It was a wonderful look c:

  7. Thank you, Susan! Hehe, the last pair is my favorite <3



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