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Fall is slowly creeping around the corner as the weather starts to drop from a constant heat to a slow chill. As the weather starts to change, so does my closet! My cardigans and kimonos are switched with my heavy coats and leather jackets to help sustain heat. I thought that I'd show you guys some of the items from Tidebuy that I would wear this fall and winter! 

Tidebuy is an online store based in China and is full of all sorts of clothing imaginable. From prom dresses to casual t-shirts, Tidebuy has a variety and vast selection of unique clothing at an affordable price. Their website is user friendly and quite easy to navigate; I found all these items really quickly!! Let me know which one is your favorite from my wishlist and, if you went on their website, what your favorite item is!


  1. Excellent picks for Fall/Winter, Diane. I like the cloak style trench coat and pretty much any cape-like batwing style outerwear variety like this one I spotted on Tidebuy:


    It's slouchy and cozy that I can just pretend it's a blankie (haha). However, it's supremely humid here in the tropics so heavier coats are reserved for when in chilled settings usually within concrete walls or during rainy season.

    PS: Love your new animation work - it's soooo cute! <3 xx =)

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW

  2. Oh that's such a cute cardigan! I agree, batwing is so perfect because it really is like a blanket or a Snuggie that I can wrap myself in. They're also the easiest outwear to wear things with! And omg thank you so much for checking out my animation! It means a lot ((:



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