I'm not very good at planning outfits in this unsure Bay Area weather. One day it's cold and cloudy, the next it's sweltering hot. So I woke up this morning thinking that it was going to be a cold day; I was wrong. So wrong. It was insanely hot, and I was in all black with a warm sweater and faux leather pants. It was okay though, because my classroom was pretty chilly inside. 
I haven't worn my faux Litas to school before, mostly because it looked too flashy, but I feel like I should more often. They're surprisingly effortless and light to walk in. For my top, I wore this pullover from ThreadLove. The light fabric did provide some room for my skin to breathe, and I was able to pull the sleeves up higher to give myself a more casual look.
TOP - c/o TripleThread || SUNGLASSES - c/o Sunglass Spot || WATCH - c/o Daniel Wellington || HAT - Forever 21 || PANTS - Love Culture || SHOES - Foreign Exchange

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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