I don't think I'm the kind of person who can pull of ethereal kinds of looks. I always have to find a way to make it my own, and in this case, a moto jacket and sky high platform heels. I like the way elegance and edge combine together to create a more different and unique look. I especially liked this look; it had a tough girl Cinderella vibe to it that I felt worked pretty well. When we went to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, I was hesitant about wearing this skirt because I didn't want to get it dirty and have people constantly looking at me, but I pulled up my skirt and said, "Fuck it," and we went around to shoot.

When Shabby Apple contacted me and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them, they sent me a couple of pictures of the skirts and dresses they were going to be selling on their site the following month. I scrolled through the pictures and saw this gorgeous tulle skirt that I just had to have. When I received it, I was amazed by the quality and feel of the skirt. The waistband of the skirt is fitting, but what I really loved about this skirt was that it was a tied skirt, so I could just wrap it easily around me and then fit it to the width of my waist.

The skirt is long, so it fell to the ground, but it made my look so much more romantic and dreamy that I didn't mind. It was fun to twirl around in and pretend like I was a princess, haha. Because even at 20, I dream of being a princess. An edgy one, of course. Another thing that I liked about this skirt was how because it was wrapped, the side where I would tie the skirt together made a slit that made the romantic skirt edgy in itself. All in all, I enjoyed my time strutting around in my variation of a ethereal princess look. 
SKIRT - c/o Shabby Apple || JEWELRY - c/o Rocksbox [use 'dianeehoangxoxo' for 1st month free!] || JACKET - Wet Seal || SHOES - Nasty Gal || TOP - H&M

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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