When I was younger, pink was my favorite color. I was drawn to it because it was such a cute color and Hello Kitty wore a lot of pink, Barbie had pink, my dresses were pink, my parents pretty much bought me everything in pink, so pink was everything I had. And then as I grew older, I "matured" and threw out all things pink and claimed proudly that blue was my favorite color. And now? Well, I buy everything in black and white because that's as colorful I get. So this outfit anomaly is a nod to my younger self who believed that blue was a mature color.
When I saw this dress from Shabby Apple, I thought it was the cutest thing. The baby blue color was reminiscent to the shade of blue that I adored, and the fit of the dress reminded me of Wendy's from Peter Pan or Alice from Alice in Wonderland, both remindful of my Disney filled childhood. The light fabric made it bearable to wear in the sunny weather, and I could run in it while having it flow lazily behind me. The matching belt literally pulled the outfit together and added a sophisticated and modern touch.
For my accessories, I decided to keep it light (color-wise) and bright, so I styled these amazing reflective cat-eye sunnies from Sunglass Spot. The blue from the sunnies added so many more shades of blue to the outfit to make it more interesting. I styled these clunky white platforms to make the outfit a little more me and to add some height and lengthen my legs. I styled these brilliant jewelry from Rocksbox, as well, to add some elegance and shine to my outfit.

SUNGLASSES - c/o SunglassSpot || DRESS - c/o Shabby Apple || JEWELRY - c/o Rocksbox  [ use 'DIANEEHOANGXOXO' for your first month off! ] || PLATFORMS - SpyLoveBuy

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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