I have a problem with washing off all my makeup before I go to sleep every night. It's not that I don't have the proper makeup wipes or cleansers, I just sometimes miss some spots or I'm too tired to actually take the time to clean every little inch of my face. Now that I'm in my 20's, I know how important it is to take care of my skin and the dangers of having chemicals on my face for a long duration of time. So when Pacifica asked me if I wanted to try out their 100% vegan cruelty-free products, I couldn't say no.

They sent me a beautiful box that included eye pencils, eye shadow, and mascara. Everything was just so beautifully and carefully packaged; the packaging and design was also such a gorgeous design and color. I tried everything out, and I had to say that I thoroughly enjoyed using the products. They weren't harder to use, poor quality, or hard to wear; the only thing that's different is that the ingredients used in each of the products compared to the products you see in stores.

The Natural Eye Pencil in Jet and Fringe is water-proof and easily glides onto the eyes. The ingredients include Jojoba Oil (which helps keep skin around the eyes moisturized), Shea Butter (which helps protect and moisturize skin), Vitamin E (which provides anti-aging benefits in addition to helping reduce the appearance of fine lines), and Vitamin C Antioxidant (a natural preservative that helps fight free radicals). It had a nice darkness that I enjoyed, and I'm actually using to tight-line my eyes.

The Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara in Supernova lengthens, strengthens, and adds volume to the eyelashes. It's infused with coconut oil and vitamin B to hydrate each lash. Even the brush is 100% vegan and is easy to use to layer and add more volume to the eyelashes. The brush has a lot of bristles which I love because I'm not a big fan of spidery lashes. I like each of my lashes to be individually treated and lengthened with individual volume.

The Pacifica Power of Love Coconut Infused Mineral Eye Shadow Palette contains a lot of medium tones in multiple colors that are easily able to be mixed, matched, and blended with other shades in the palette. I've been using the earthy browns so far, but I'm planning on trying the navy blue next to see what kind of look I can get.

I realized that I haven't had a GRWM post or any makeup on my face kind of posts on my blog yet. Would you guys be interested in seeing me try on the different makeups I've received? Let me know in the comments if you're interested!

Post has been sponsored by Pacifica. All thoughts are entirely my own.


  1. absolutely love the box packaging~

    Vivian ✞ LIVE . IN .LOVE


  2. Yes, to the GRWM style post, please! Hehe. I was just about to make a request after seeing your other post on memebox. Stay beautiful, Diane <3 xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  3. Love the packaging of these products, that mascara sounds really nice!


  4. Great review, I have never hear of Pacifica, but now I might check them now.


  5. I've never heard of Pacifica but after your review I'l make sure to check this mascara out!




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