"Quick, stand over there, so we can shoot before they come back."

SUNGLASSES c/o SunglassSpot || TOP Forever 21 || PANTS Zara || HEELS H&M

We probably did this shoot in about five to ten minutes while waiting for our friends to go put money in the parking meter during a production shoot of our friend's documentary. It was the hottest I've ever felt in so long, especially for a day in San Francisco. My pants were sticking onto my legs as we were walking up the hills to a park, and I was relieved that I decided to go with a strappy crop top. 

These days have been going by slowly, and I've been getting busier with school, but I haven't forgotten about this blog! Brandon and I are planning on taking it further and working hard on it for us and for all of my readers, too! Stay tuned! :)

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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