"Do you have this in black?"
Or white? Or nude? I always find myself asking if there's a shoe in a different color or if there's more variety. I think shoes are what really make an outfit. Depending on your shoes, you can really dress up or down an outfit. You can liven it up or keep it monochrome by the color of your shoes. Keep it casual or chic by the style. Shoes are just an essential. But for a minute, imagine if you only had one pair of shoes that you could style - as in style the shoe.
In 2008, Alesandra Alberta Chiolo, founder of Albertine Shoes in Italy, wanted to create a shoe for women that allowed them to go from place to place effortlessly with the ease of just changing the heel and platform into a variety of combinations. Fast forward to today, she succeeded in making the perfect shoe with interchangeable platform and heel designs. In fact, the number of ways you can change the look of the shoe is 3,600 times. It's insane.
Alesandra's Albertine Shoes have started to grow tremendously and has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour, and more. Now, she wants to expand her product to the United States so that we can have these gorgeous and unique shoes! She's also launching a special edition "Made in USA" model to hype up her US launch.
You can find more about Alessandra and her Albertine Shoes on her Kickstarter page where she's currently trying to raise enough funds to bring her shoes across the Italian borders to the US! Every donation comes with a perk that's listed on the Kickstarter, so go check it out. They've also put a couple of videos on their Kickstarter explaining in depth their history, product, and how to change the heel and platform of the shoe. I've included their campaign video below.

I've never done a post like this before, but this Albertine Shoes Campaign really intrigued me. I would never post or write anything on my blog that I disagree with. With that being said, would you guys be interested if I posted things similar to this campaign for you all to check out? Let me know in the comments and what you think about these shoes!

For more information on Albertine Shoes or to help fund Alessandra's project, visit:

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