This time, the Phoenix rose to be something else.

DRESS c/o Clubbing Girl || NECKLACE c/o Charlotte Russe

It's about time I rebranded myself. When you feel good things are coming your way, you roll with it. A spontaneous two hour conversation with one of my instructors from college, who I consider one of my mentors, inspired me to work even harder on myself in becoming the person that I wanted to be. His simple and cliche, "Who do you want to be in 5 years?" got me really thinking about everything that I was working on in the present and all the future projects that I wanted to take part in.

DIZINED is part "Diane" and "designed," or it's part "Diane" and "magazine." Regardless of how you pronounce it or the way you personally define it, this fictitious word is personal for me, as an art student, a writer, and for someone who's trying to make my mark in the world.

This process of rebranding myself and taking in the reality of everything has been difficult, I'm not going to lie, but the people who have been helping me when they could have just let me fall have been persistent in letting me know that I'm never alone.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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