And I'm going to be your new best friend.

I'm Eye Shadow [Limited Beige, Dark Brown, Rosy Burgundy, & Dry Rose] c/o Memebox || Younique 3D Fibers Mascara c/o Younique

The first makeup product I ever got was when I was 18 for my birthday. It was the Naked 2 palette, and I was ecstatic to try it on. And I was terrible at it, so I watched hundreds of YouTube videos and realized that having just an eyeshadow palette wasn't enough to get the makeup look that I wanted. As the weeks went by, I started to get more makeup products as late birthday presents from family, which was just enough for me to do a full makeup look. After a couple of months, I started accumulating more products and trying out new brands and was able to feel the difference between a good product and a bad product. Am I great at makeup though? Hell no, but I'm getting there. 
When Memebox sent over their iconic silver package, I was excited to see what was in there. Inside, I found the prettiest matte eyeshadows from their I'm Series. They sent me a random variety of colors, but it was perfect because I'm drawn to pinks and browns on my lids. The colors are incredibly pigmented and easy to blend. What I love about I'm Eye Shadow is the packaging; each color comes in it's own case with a mirror. 
And I had to give a special shoutout to Younique 3D Fibers Mascara for giving me the best falsies look without actually wearing falsies. Younique 3D Fibers Mascara doubles, almost triples, the length and intensity of my eyelashes. It's easily become one of my go-to products.

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