Keep moving, but know your limits.

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The pressure of being someone or making a difference is always intense. From the moment we start school it's, "What do you want to be?" And you work at it every single day; sometimes your dreams and your ambitions change, but you're constantly working. If you've been following me since the beginning (which I doubt since I've just recently started getting serious about my blog), you know that I'm an animation and visual effects major, which means that I want to make animated movies or create CG elements in movies. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it's so much work. 
I'm in class 5 days a week and stay before and after the class starts and ends. I spend most of my time frustrated and dreaming of just throwing the monitor on the ground and walking out. What my instructors have been telling me is, "Most of your time is going to be troubleshooting. There's a fine line between failure and success, but you're going to have to keep working at it." I've applied it to my studies before, but I've started applying to it in my life. I found that most of my nights have been stressing out about the day and the upcoming ones, stressing everyday and even on weekends when I'm not even at school. 
I figured that it was time for me to take another break. Going full steam ahead and putting all your thoughts, efforts, and time will get you to where you want to be, but it's often overlooked that your health both physically and mentally can prevent you from getting where you want to be if you're putting all your energy into everything else. The waves of being overwhelmed won't stop until you get out, take a step back, and access the storm. It's always important to work hard, but don't overwork yourself. It's okay to coast sometimes.

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