Nothing like a bowl of hot ramen before a windy shoot (/◕ヮ◕)/

CO-ORD SET c/o Sugar Pop


When we went out to shoot this look, it was really windy, and we really wanted ramen. Brandon and I ate at this Korean place called Mixed Grains, recommended by one of Brandon's friends, and it was honestly amazing. So amazing that I ate everything, even though I knew that we were about to shoot in just half an hour. We found this little place while walking around Walnut Creek, desperately in search of somewhere we could shoot because Brandon was catching a cold and both of us were in a food coma. But it sorted out because the vines and dark alley was the perfect place we've envisioned for this slightly darker look of mine.

I wanted to keep this look dark and simple; I wore a dark oversized trench over summery chevron pieces to tone down the pattern and to keep it a bit more minimal. Knee socks are my go-to pieces in the winter because I love how warm they keep my legs. I have this weird thing where my legs are the last to get cold out of my body, if they do manage to get cold.

But aside from ramen and my outfit, happy Christmas Eve, loves! I hope that you all spend good time with your family and friends if you do get to spend time with them today. I'm sending out virtual hugs to each and every one of you!

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


© That's Diane