Essentially an intro to contouring and highlighting for the unexperienced (me).

You have no idea how many contouring/highlighting tutorials I've watched on YouTube. It's insane. Watching MUA's put on contour and highlight on their faces fascinated me because their finished look had so much dimension to it. Honestly, I couldn't get into the contour/highlight game because I didn't know how to find my shade or a good product to use. So when PÜR Cosmetics gifted me a whole range of their Cameo Contour, I was in heaven. I was fortunate to receive Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, and Deep to test out the shades that would work on my face.

I found that Medium was the best fit for my skin tone. From what I remember in the compilation of tutorials I've watched, you want your highlight to be 2 shades lighter than you skin tone and your contour to be 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Also, I learned about different face shapes and how important it is to contour to your face shape to really give it the look you want. I'm still deciding on whether or not I'm a square or circular face shape, but the contouring is essentially the same. I made a quick graphic on the spots where I contour and highlight, so I hope it helps someone!

I was really happy when receiving these Cameo Contour sticks because it came with a guide to how to contour and to use the product, as well with a blending sponge that helped blend everything together! I wish I had products that I've used to compare with the Cameo Contour stick, but as a beginner face shaper, the contour stick was a no-brainer to use. The stick is a cream to powder which makes it easy to blend with a damp blending sponge. Overall, I love the way that it brightens up my face and gives it more dimension instead of being so flat. You can find my makeup looks on my Instagram, but it's always best to try it out yourself! You can find PÜR Cosmetics in stores at Kohl's and Ulta, or, obviously, on their online store. Let me know in the comments if you've used these sticks or any other PÜR Cosmetics products, because I would love to try them out!


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