If you love what you're doing, does it matter if people are staring?

DRESS c/o Makemechic
MAKEUP c/o PUR Cosmetics

The results of this shoot/day came down to a dusty pair of faux suede mules (cry), amazing and unique tea from Teaquation in Redwood City, enough Charmanders to evolve into a Charmeleon, and a recovered confidence in shooting crowded areas where I'm dressing the complete opposite of everyone else. It's been years, and I'm still falling in and out of this confidence of me shooting in front of people.

But from what I learned is that if you're going to commit to a look, you might as well go all the way and own it. In my case, I put on this beautiful floor-length dress from Makemechic, wore my biggest lashes, and utilized all the shimmers and glitters in my new PUR Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2 palette. I felt like a forest princess, and it was a shame that there were no cute animals to sing and dance with.

PHOTOGRAPHY Brandon Lee Davis


© That's Diane