The futuristic Polaroid is now sending postcards!

I'm the type of person who, if something interesting happens, will take a couple of pictures of something and then never look at it again until I have to clear out my photos in my phone's camera roll. I like to have physical copies of photos and, let's face it, I'm not going to go through the process of transferring photos from my phone to laptop to printer to get that copy.

Introducing Prynt, a start up company that started in Paris and found its way to San Francisco. Prynt is an instant photo printers for your phone. Unlike the other phone printers, Prynt is unique because not only do you get a photo printed out from the case, but the photo comes with an embedded video that follows you taking the photo. It's basically an all in one visual documentation product. To view and unlock the video that's in the photo, you use the app to scan the photo that you printed!

I got the opportunity over the weekend to take B and a Prynt out on a photo adventure in San Francisco. B and I went on a ferry and walked around the Ferry Building, Pier 39, and every pier in between. Honestly, it's the coolest thing to be able to have a snapshot of a moment and also a video to document more in just a single photo. We took photos of each other eating and videos of the food steaming hot in front of us. We went out to the waters, snapping pictures of each other and documenting the views around us. All the photos are up on my wall now for me to reminisce and to watch back whenever I'm feeling down or missing B. 

When he left to go back home after a weekend of visual documentation, I wanted to surprise him the next day with something to look back on (he didn't have any pictures because your girl loves to hoard all the photos 😅), so I went into the app and utilized the newest feature that Prynt had to offer - postcards!

It's so simple to send postcards through the Prynt app. Through your gallery of Prynts, they have a new option to mail your Prynt anywhere in the world to your friends. I prefer this way more than a regular postcard because it's the best visual documentation that you could send to anyone. It's such a personal and unique way of showing a snippet of your life to someone in your life who isn't there to experience it with you.

To check out more of Prynt or to get your own, visit:


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