First week is done!

I feel good. I feel accomplished. I'm not even done with this challenge I've set up for myself yet, but I'm feeling so great. Honestly, I didn't even think that I'd get past four days of writing and creating content for my blog, so I'm feeling incredibly proud of myself right now.

During the past week, I took my time in creating content to try to better myself out and to clear my head. I wrote about being more positive, improving myself, content for other people, and my goals. It's really nice to have it written out and somewhat tangible so that I'm able to keep track of what I want to do for myself during this time.

Last night, I had a heart to heart with Brandon on something that was upsetting me about my personal life that was destroying me internally for a couple of weeks. I didn't want to tell him because I felt like it'd hurt him if I told him because it was something that we've been dreaming of for a while. Surprisingly, but also not, he was so understanding on what I wanted to do. I don't think it's something that I'll probably talk about on here for now until I can figure it out, but talking to him helped me straighten my mind out and helped me realize that I wasn't crazy with the way that I was thinking.

In the last seven days, I found myself thinking more positively than usual and more excited to fill my day with small things to do. I gave myself less excuses to do things that I actually wanted to do, but still allowed myself to take a step back and do nothing. But even then, I did still feel my anxiety and depression creep up on me and consume everything I was doing and feeling. I allowed myself to feel everything that was consuming myself so that I could realize that the things that I were feeling were beyond my control. I told myself that I was doing everything that I could with the situations that I'm currently in and doing my best to handle myself.

At work, I felt like I took more initiative with my projects and was more assertive with what I could and couldn't do. With my own personal art, I created something that I was so proud to create and to share; it was the first time that I had created something that didn't get a lot of views, but I didn't let that bother me at all. I was (and am) really proud of the piece that I had created. I'm hoping that I'll create something every week whether it be something new or something that I haven't finished yet.

Also, thank you to everyone who's been reading my posts; I'm honestly surprised that people are clicking the links and going through my blog, but I'm so grateful for the audience that I have.

I hope that if you're reading this that I'm giving you some inspiration to do what you want for yourself during this time. It's an unreal situation that's happening, but I hope that you're being patient and kind to yourself.

Much love,


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