Needless to say, I got a lot of shoes, but these ones are just *chef's kiss*.

I've been collecting shoes since the day I've started blogging. The obsession grew around flats and heels, especially when I started getting sponsored posts for heels and I found myself wearing them more on the daily. As I grew older, my tastes started to change and my shoe collection changed with it. I wouldn't say that I traded heels for sneakers, but the amount of sneakers I own outweigh the heels now. Here are my 6 all time favorite sneakers that I have on rotation.

sacai x Nike LDWaffle Daybreak “Varsity Blue/Varsity Red”

The first time I saw these shoes, I remember making fun of the silhouette with one of my coworkers. I remember thinking how I was going to trip so much with the amount of people who would step on my heels. But the more I looked at it, the more I became obsessed with the silhouette and the colors. Primary colors are everything. I feel like these shoes can be such a great statement piece for any ordinary outfit.

Nike Air Max 97 Shanghai Kaleidoscope

These were my first ever grails. This picture does it no justice. Look at all those details, I mean swooooon. The aqua with the pops of red is something I don't see often. The extra tabs, the layers of light fabric material on the side, I'm screaming internally just looking at them. My favorite thing about these shoes is the fact that I got them almost 60% off because they didn't have the lid to the box. 

MISBHV x Reebok Daytona DMX “White/Grey”

I call these my skeletal shoes. They're not way Halloween shoes, but I love the translucent fabric material on the top that shows the lacing of the shoe. There are zippers at the top of the shoes that you can zip up or down to expose the lacing. The logos are covered with this jelly material that add a little more dimension to the shoes. Also, can you believe that they're a MISBHV and Reebok collab? 

Nike Air Max 98 Gym Red

These were the first shoes that got me into sneaker collecting. They're such a basic pair, but red shoes are my calling. They give me such Pok├ęball vibes because of the colors and how curved the shoes are. I love the 98's in general because of the slight stripes and color blocking that they have, and I do have another pair in mind that I've been wanting to cop, too. As soon as these shoes were delivered to my house, I couldn't stop wearing them for weeks.

Nike Air Force 1 Low G-Dragon Peaceminusone Para-Noise

You know that when I saw that Nike was collabing with G-Dragon's brand that I had to do anything that I could to get these shoes... I couldn't though, and Brandon ended up surprising me with these for Christmas. Looking at them, the appear to be a pretty basic shoe, but the more often you wear them and crease them up, you can unveil another design for the shoe. G-Dragon said in an interview that his inspiration for this was a flower growing in a harsh setting. He had a wonderful interview with Nike explaining his brand and the design concept that I'll link below here.

adidas Falcon size? Acid House

The only Adidas on the list! To be honest, I don't have that many pairs of Adidas shoes just because I haven't found a lot of silhouettes and color ways that I'm a fan of. These, however, are the perfect pair of shoes. The small reflective part of the shoes, the silhouette, the pop of yellow... I actually did my hair to this color scheme last year, haha! They're such a comfortable pair of shoes, too. I took them to both my trips to Korea, and I was able to walk hours and hours in them without my feet getting tired, too.

Aaaaand, that's it for my top pairs of sneakers that I own! I really don't want to do a sneaker collection because I'm embarrassed as to the amount of sneakers that I have, but if you guys want to see it then I'll be happy to show them!

Much love,


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