"Come down, 
And waste away with me, 
Down with me, 
Slow how, 
You wanted it to be, 
I'm over my head, 
Out of her head she sang."
 Hat&Top&Shorts&Bracelet [Forever 21] - Necklace [Charlotte Russe] - Earrings [Macy's] - Booties [H&M]

Hello, everyone! It's been a week since my last post! I'm so sorry for that. It's been rather hectic going after coming back from Jamaica and going back to school. I'm a sophomore in college now, by the way, so I'm really happy (: What I'm really happy about is that I'm finally starting classes that I actually like and are relevant to my major. For those who don't know, I'm studying to become an animation and visual effects major. Like those who come to get that degree, my dream job is to work as a character modeler for Pixar Animation Studios (which happens to be so close to my school!!!!!). The only class that I'm taking this term is "Introduction to Animation" which is two days a week, which also explains my lack of outfits.

Today, my dad, brother, and I went to a flea market because we haven't had good quality time with each other the last week. It was really fun because I had just cleaned my room yesterday and was really hoping to find some cool trinkets and things to put in my room to somewhat liven things up. I'm actually going to make another post tomorrow or so to show what I got and what I did with them! 

To survive the heat and stay somewhat classy, I wore another black and white outfit with a pop of gold. I'm trying to take better care of my skin and especially my face, so I wore my trusty hat from Forever 21 which looks good in pretty much any outfit because of the color and style. I wore this almost halter top crop top that I had just recently gotten at Forever 21, and it's so wonderful; the fabric is a good material, and its beautifully cut so it allows me to cool down when there's a wind. And, of course, I had to wear these booties that I've been wearing almost everyday since I got them. They were definitely worth the $20 I got them for (such a bargain at H&M!). 

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