Hello, loves! It's so nice to be back in the Bay Area after this exciting trip to Jamaica! I've been uploading and writing a little bit about each day since day 1, but I felt like it was so hard to really talk about everything I did and saw there. The experience and the sights were both so beautiful and amazing! The hotel that we stayed at (Hilton Rose at Montego Bay) is an all-inclusive hotel, which means that you pay for the stay, and the food, drinks, and facilities are all included. I'm so blessed and thankful to be able to go on this trip and I'm not trying to show off or brag about everything. There were swimming pools, an exercising facility, small bars, restaurants in and outside of the hotel, and such lovely beaches! I wish I could have brought you all here with me! Anyways, I tried to take as much pictures as I could and remember everything that happened during the day to show you all, but I didn't want to be carrying around the phone and camera with me throughout the time because it would hinder my experience. But here you go! Adventure Snapshot: Jamaica!

Breakfast and lunch! Today, I tried to be decently healthy and not eat too much junk on the first day. I have the rest of the week for that!
My dad let me borrow his iPhone for the week to take snapshots of everything for the family as well as myself. Obviously, I thought selfies were necessary.
The view from my aunt's room is amazing! I didn't get to take a picture of what we did today, but it was mainly just swimming around in the pool and the lazy river. Or taking a nap which is amaaaazing by the beach. Or pretty much anywhere, haha.
And the view at night! This reminds me of Gatsby's mansion for some reason. It's absolutely amazing!

Besides going to the beach today, we went to these cute little place called the Shoppes of Rose Hill! I didn't get anything because it was ridiculously expensive, but my brothers had fun haggling with the shop owners.

We took a bus around Montego Bay and visited some shops and craft markets in the area. I wasn't able to get anything, but my little brother proudly walked out with an arm full of goods that he bargained for. 

Today was my little cousin's, Cailin's, birthday, so we went out to celebrate! Before, I tried to convince her to do a photo shoot with me, but she was too shy. I got her to spin for me though :3

I wasn't able to get any pictures, or any picture that I liked, but we went to the Dunn River! It's pretty much a river/waterfall that you hike up! It was scary because if you slipped, you would have slipped all the way down, pushing people down with you as you went down. But it was definitely thrilling and my favorite day (: 

This day passed by in a blur, but I spent most of it just swimming in the beach and the pool. Just an average day, haha! The pools are all surrounded by huge palm trees, and there's a lazy river that branches off from one of the pools. I regret not taking more pictures to show you all, but there was also a bar in the pool that you could swim up to and order drinks! 

I wanted to relax and slow things down today because it was our last day at Jamaica ): I ordered some drinks, chilled poolside, and then ventured out to this beautiful structure to do a photoshoot right outside of the hotel. Haha, in the top picture, the roles have reversed!


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