"I don't care, 
I've been longing for you in the morning, 
Everything I know it's forgotten as we are alone."
 Dress [c/o Charlotte Russe] - Bra [NuBra] - Wedges [Forever 21] - Necklace [Strawberry]

Hello, everyone! I'm writing this post right now at 11 at night, just after packing everything in my suitcase for my departure home tomorrow. I'm genuinely sad that I have to go back home tomorrow; it's been such a relaxing and carefree time, and I've loved dressing up, going around, and taking photographs of my outfits for you all! During this trip, I have to say that I've gotten a bit more comfortable getting my picture taken in front of other people. I'm terribly shy, so I usually have to go find a place that's deserted or empty just to get a couple of shots. If there are people around, and I absolutely love the location, I'll come back at a different time or just avoid that spot completely just because I'm afraid of people watching me or judging me.

I found this place, rather I saw it from my hotel room, and I knew exactly which outfit/dress I wanted to wear to this place, so I saved my favorite Charlotte Russe dress to wear at this location. It took us about 15 minutes to walk from the hotel room to this abandoned building. I'm not really sure what the building used to do, but I do know that this was built in the 1800's. There's something about run-down abandoned structures that are so beautiful. I was in awe when approaching the structure; it was an enormous structure made of cement, bricks, and wood with a roofless and open ceiling that showed the sky. There were a lot of arcs that could have been for doors or for windows or just for open air. Mickey, my brother and photographer, and I found some steps on the second floor that went up to these arcs, so being the adventurous people that we were, we decided to walk up there to take some photographs. I admit that I was a bit nervous going up because of the age of the building, but I decided to go for it and whatever happens, happens.

The dress that I decided to wear is a gorgeous tie-dye, almost stormy-like, maxi dress from Charlotte Russe. The dress itself is a bit revealing, so I decided to wear it with my trusty NuBra that I bought from Amazon. The bra allowed my back to be bare to show this beautiful design on the back of the dress. You can see from my pictures that I really wanted you all to see the design of the back of the dress. I loved how the length of this dress. It was as if the dress was made for me because it wasn't too long to drag on the floor, but it wasn't too short to be above my ankles. I swear, it's as if CR and Ryan actually knew me and my style! Hahaha.


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