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Last week, I was contacted by YourTea to do a review on their 14 day TEAtox which is essentially their detox tea blend. For all of you who don't know, detox (or detoxification) is a removal of toxic substances from the body. I need to clarify that I am not a nutritionist; all the information that I have provided are either on YourTea's website or the internet. 

How many times do you drink the tea?
3 times a day for 14 days!

When do you drink it?
You drink it 30 minutes before every meal.

What's in the tea?
The main ingredients (listed on the box) are:
OOLONG TEA || helps with weight management, removal of harmful free radicals, healthy skin, healthy bones, controls diabetes, anti-cancer properties, stress management, and mental performance and health [*]
JUE MING ZI (CASSIA SEED) || helps with removing heat, improving eyesight, and relaxing the bowels [*]
HE YE (LOTUS LEAF) || treats summerheat patterns - fever, irritability, excessive sweating, scanty urine, diarrhea due to summerheat [*]
SHAN ZHA (HAWTHORN) || contains bioflavonoids, which have a variety of cardiovascular benefits, including a reduction in hypertension, increased coronary artery blood flow, and improved contraction of the heart muscle [*]
LAI FU ZI (RADISH) || eliminates food retention, and to move down qi and resolve phlegm [*]
CHEN PI (CITRIS PEEL) || circulates the spleen and stomach qi and strengthens the spleen, lessens the severity of nausea and vomiting [*]
MAI YA (BARLEY SPROUT, MALT) || reduces food stagnation, strengthens stomach, inhibits lactation, reduces liver Qi - intercostal or epigastric distention, belching, loss of appetite [*]

How much is it?
$35 for 14 days (42 packets).

I'll be writing another post in 14 days when I have finished the TEAtox, so stay tuned until then!


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