Yes! Happy Friday, everyone! Although my week went by so quickly, I'm happy that it's Friday. There's something about the word Friday that makes me so happy. I was surfing the web yesterday doing some online shopping (as in, just scrolling and clicking on things, putting it in my cart and longing that I can click "Proceed to Checkout") when I came across SpyLoveBuy, an online British store that provides celeb inspired shoes and boots. I was mesmerized by the variety of different shoes that were cleanly and well organized at the side of the page, categorizing each shoe by shoe, brand, discount, season, material, style, color, size, and price. So, of course, I clicked on every single category and was just in awe with all the beautiful shoes they had on their website! I picked out three shoes that I would wear and what I how I would style them.

The first pair of shoes that immediately caught my eyes were these Jorca platform shoes. I'm currently really loving the all white trend, so these shoes just add on the white because of the chunky look and somewhat blocky appearance. What I would wear with these shoes would be white skinnies or trousers to create a seamless white appearance with my legs to elongate them. I love pops of colors in my outfits, so I would wear a tropical leaf print that's vibrant. To top it all off and to make the green more vibrant, I would wear a gold statement necklace.

PERTH Heeled Cleated Sole Platform Mule Shoes - Silver Hologram [here]
Ah, the hologram trend. The hologram trend was huge in the 90's, but I'm glad that it's back and bigger than ever. I love how the holographic print gives any outfit so much more dimension and is definitely an eye catcher. Like I said earlier, I love all white outfits, but I wanted to bring more of that amazing hologram print into the look, so what I would wear with these shoes would be a holographic striped cropped top and a pencil skirt with a sheer striped panel to further play with the stripes from the top. To accentuate and bring out the blueish tint from the holographic print, I would wear a reflective blue-green pair of sunglasses to make the look more futuristic.

SURF Cut Out Flatform Platform Sandal Shoes - Silver Hologram [here]
And for the last outfit, I wanted to show you my second favorite look with my third favorite pair of shoes: the "all" black outfit. I couldn't get over the amount of holographic prints and the other variety of prints from SpyLoveBuy's store. These sandals could liven up any outfit, so I thought I'd show you all how I'd wear these sandals with simple clothing. A black crop top and a black highwaisted skater skirt would definitely keep the attention on the sandals, but to bring out the holographic print even more, I would wear a holographic reflective pair of sunglasses to bring the attention to my eyes and shoes.

These are all the outfits that I'd wear with these pairs of shoes. Let me know in the comments how you would wear these shoes, or tell me what pair of shoes you liked from SpyLoveBuy's store!


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