Hello, everyone! I woke up today, looked outside, and realized that it had gotten cloudy. And it came to my realization that we're in August which is really exciting for me because it's starting to get into the fall/back-to-school season (I'm already back into school, but most of you haven't gotten back yet). I thought I'd show you all the accessories that I loved to wear over the summer because I've only recently started to accessorize more!

For the first part, I wanted to show you all the small necklaces, rings, and earrings that I've grown very fond of this summer. Details are what really complete an outfit, no matter how small, so these small pieces completed the outfit or the look that I wanted to convey.

Claire's || Skull ear cuff, hamsa ear cuff,
lavender rose earring + cuff

Forever 21 || Midi Rings
Amazon || Crystal necklaces
Ali Express || Unicorn earring
Gift || Twilight inspired bracelet

There were a lot of times over the summer that I really didn't feel like dressing up, but, me being me, couldn't bring myself to wear just a tshirt and shorts out. These statement pieces were just essential for those kinds of days. I love statement necklaces more than any other kind of necklace because the amount of detail put into each piece. It also brings a lot of attention to my collar bones and shoulders which are my favorite parts to accentuate and show.

Forever 21 || Gold necklaces
Rue 21 || Silver bird necklace
Gift || Pearl necklace

And finally, something that I can never leave the house with out, sunglasses! I hoard sunglasses... seriously. You can see my sunglass collection in a previous post here, but these were the ones that I found grabbing on my way out to the door without a second thought. I thought that these were the most versatile ones. I think you can see that I really love the reflective sunglasses and cat-eye style! I thought that these were the ones that fit and framed my face better than the circular frames.

Sunglass Spot || Ombre cat eye
Forever 21 || Rainbow reflective
Ali Express || Silver reflective, white cat eye

Let me know in the comments what your personal summer favorites was and what you're excited to wear in the fall!


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