8.06.2014 "I wonder if you'll back down,
There is no end in sight,
Am I a fool to hang on,
And will we ever really get it right?."

DRESS || c/o Charlotte Russe
RINGS || Charlotte Russe
BOOTIES || Forever 21

It's such a shame that we've been experiencing a drought in California this year; all the flowers and plants that would have normally bloomed fully have been dying and wilting due to the heat and lack of rain. The "vineyard" my mom grew would have been full of ripe and luscious purple grapes at this time of the year, but only a couple batches of grapes have somewhat grown. Last year, there were enough grapes for us to make buckets and buckets of homemade wine that we would gift to people. Last summer when I hadn't started school yet, I would wash and smash the grapes myself. It was really fun, and quite an arm workout!

With today's photos, I wanted to bring the purple colors back to the green vineyard, so I wore this lovely Charlotte Russe dress that had a spectrum of blues, purples, and magentas. I love the pretty cut neckline and the pattern of the skirt of the dress that almost seemed to match the cut. To bring out more of the magenta of the dress, I wore one of my favorite heeled booties from Forever 21 that was also an eyecatcher because of the studs around the shoe.


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