8.05.2014 "We are the rogue and the reckless,
So come along or be left behind,
We got the dream, infectious,
One look ahead it might leave you blind."

Sunglasses || Ali Express
Top, Necklace || Forever 21
Joggers || Urban Outfitters
Booties || H&M
Ring || Charlotte Russe

I thought I'd try something different with today's photos by stepping out of my comfort zone of cleanly edited photos to grainy, yellow-tinted, desaturated photos. I felt like the edits somewhat matched the theme and location of where my brother and I shot at, but let me know in the comments of what you think! 

Everyone has a place where they'll go to escape, a haven or something. My safe spot happens to be here. It's a beautiful open field, 180 degrees of open field with a gorgeous breath taking view of the city. I always walk over here at night when I'm feeling down or need to clear my head. Looking over the city makes me think of how small I am and how almost insignificant my problems are compared to everything else. It's a bit strange, but it makes me feel better and a little bit more empowered because even the smallest grain of sand can tip the scale, and I want to make an impression on the world.

With today's look, I wanted to wear something warm because of the sudden chill the Bay Area has been getting. I found this lovely wrapped top at Forever 21 for $8.80 that I just had to get because I thought that it would be a top that I could keep rewearing and styling without it growing to become an eyesore to see in every post. For my pants, I found these joggers at Urban Outfitters a couple of months ago and fell in love with the acid wash print and the simplicity of the look that, styled with anything, made an outfit more laid back and casual.


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