8.23.2014 "I used to recognize myself,
It's funny how reflections change,
When we're becoming something else,
I think it's time to walk away."

ROMPER || c/o Love Culture
JEWELRY || c/o Charlotte Russe
BOOTIES || Forever 21

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying it and soaking up the last of the summer sun before school starts up again for the most of you. And if you had already started school, I hope you had an enjoyable one! Today, my mom's company had a company picnic at Gilroy Garden which was rather nostalgic for me because I used to visit that amusement park often when I was in elementary school. My brother, Mickey, and I were a bit too big for a majority of the rides, so we went around taking pictures and enjoying more of the scenic greens in the park. 
For this outfit, I wore this gorgeous romper from Love Culture. I love the floral print of it. Despite the fact that we're going into the fall season, I think that this floral print could easily be brought into the fall season by layering it with a brown or burgundy trench coat to make the colors and look more earthy. At the waist of the romper, there's a lace cinch that makes the look even more feminine. I like how it's its own belt, so I don't have to wear one around. Lately on Tumblr, I've been seeing a lot of girls wearing their necklaces backwards with an exposed back, and I thought it was the most brilliant and unique thing, so I decided that I wanted to try it out, too! I styled a layered necklace to "fill" in my exposed back a little bit more while giving it a little bling.
I also brought another outfit with me to Gilroy Gardens, so I'll be making a post about that sometime this week!
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P/C: Mickey Hoang


  1. Great Photos!

    Diane, I wanted to let you know I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award.

    The rules to it can be found here


  2. Wow such a cute playsuit! Love the colours! And your sunglasses are amazing :)
    xx Anka


  3. Thank you so much, Katherine! (:

  4. Love the floral jumper!


  5. I didn't know about that tumblr necklace trick. It's genius! When you have an open back frock like the one you're wearing now, the exposed back gets some love too! Great look on you, Diane :) <3

    xx missreverie | Fashionista NOW

  6. Your photos are always stunning! This romper looks beautiful on you :) I love the oversized floral print. It makes me miss summer already!!



  7. It's such a fun way to style necklaces! I think it gives a more unique look, and I'm definitely open to trying out new ways to spice up an outfit! Thanks for visiting, Shanaz!

  8. Thank you, Christina! It's been a lovely summer, but I'm definitely excited for the fall season and your fall outfits!

  9. I didn't realize your boots were red in your other post! I love color shoes! Is that material hard to maintain?

  10. Yep this romper is a real stunner!


  11. Thank you! I don't think so! I've had them for almost a year now, and they haven't gotten really dirty or fallen apart or anything (:



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