8.23.2014 "Only you can look at me the way you do,
You always tint me tint me black and blue,
Such a shame, you frame me with such disdain,
You got me washed out, washed out colour drained."

JEWELRY || c/o Charlotte Russe
TOP || c/o Style Lately
SHORTS || c/o Love Culture

Happy Saturday, loves! It's been a long week, but hopefully next week will move faster! I've been busy at school doing several projects, as well as my own personal projects. I can't wait to show you all some of the animations that I've done in the term from my last art post until now! They're a bit strange, but I had a lot of fun doing it, so that's the only thing that should matter, right? 

I actually wore this outfit a couple of days ago, but I didn't have the time to make a post about it, so I might as well post it now! This funny Style Lately top says "I'm Addicted to Lipstick" on it, and it's true: I'm addicted to lipstick. Although I don't own any high end lipsticks, I enjoy buying the drug store kinds and then mixing them together to create my own shades. These shorts from Love Culture are seriously so comfortable and cute! I'm always for wearing something that has a lot of detail put into it that's also light and comfortable to wear. Ryan Chua from Charlotte Russe sent me a huge box a couple of days ago filled with jewelry of all kinds for me to wear, so I dug some midi rings and necklaces from the box to wear with this outfit. I'll make a post of what I got in a future post if you guys want to see what I got!

I’ve partnered with Love Culture to let you know about their STORE CLOSING SALE! Stock up for fall & back to school! Discounts starting from 30% this weekend, in stores only! www.loveculture.com @lovecultureofficial


  1. I chose the same top to style! Gotta love lipstick haha. I love how you paired yours with the lace shorts! You look so classy as always!



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