Throwing it back to Valentine's day because I'm finally able to release these photos. I'm immensely surprised and happy that I've been drawn to more colors lately. A change in emotions usually means a change in wardrobe, right? Though the colors in this outfit aren't as vibrant as the other colors that would express how I'm feeling, maroon felt appropriate for both the lover's holiday and the amount of affection and warmth I've been feeling.

My boyfriend (@directedbybrandon) and I walked around Walnut Creek, scouting for locations where we could shoot at. I was incredibly happy to find a white-ish wall where we could take pictures, so we shot there for a while until the amount of foot traffic our way was too much for the both of us. We were able to find other small locations where people didn't really venture through, like an intersecting stair case and a secluded pathway in between buildings. All in all, it was a great place for me to expand and change my perspective as we looked through the area together. Beautiful things are quite often found in hidden places, and I think we found exactly that.

SWEATER & SKIRT || c/o Charlotte Russe
WATCH || c/o Daniel Wellington
BOOTIES || Forever 21
BAG || Steve Madden

Photography: Brandon Davis
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