WATCH || c/o Daniel Wellington
JACKET || Styles For Less + DIY
DRESS || Forever 21
BOOTS || Charlotte Russe 

When my friend, Brandon (@bchauful) had asked me last month if I wanted to shoot with him, I immediately said yes. Besides being one of my high school friends that I've known for a couple of years, he's a wonderful photographer. We were able to book a studio in Sunnyvale where they had a white backdrop and another room with pretty much all white interior which was perfect because he knew that I liked clean environments to shoot at and simple backdrops. And he even requested to shoot black and white outfits, so you can't even begin to imagine my excitement for that.

Throughout my month of being uninspired with my outfits, I found that I had an inclination towards black and white and monochromatic pieces because they were so easy to pair with other pieces, especially the versatile pieces like this jacket, dress, and boots. With this basic gray dress that I found at Forever 21, I found that it was easy to create different styles and looks with just this dress alone. Even with wearing just black or grays, a look could give off a different feel depending on whether I had decided to wear a blazer and heels to create a more chic and classy look than my decision to wear a moto jacket and thigh high boots to create an edgy feel. So even though I was uninspired this last month, these versatile pieces allowed me to mix and match with other pieces in my wardrobe effortlessly while allowing me to show the look that I wanted to portray.
Photography: Brandon Chau [website // instagram]


  1. Rocking the thigh high boots!

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  2. Great boots!!


  3. You look stunning here, Diane! I love your boots :) Hope you've been well!


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