LACE BALCONET 2.0 || c/o ThirdLove
LACE TANGA || c/o ThirdLove

hidden don't always have to be ugly; they can be beautiful and delicate. Though no one sees the things that you hide, the way you carry yourself can contribute to your confidence. Lingerie is the perfect example of this. Even though no one can see what I'm wearing underneath, the bras and panties that I pick provide me with extra secret confidence that only I know about. 

Lacy while providing support, ThirdLove's balconet bra is the most versatile and comfortable bra I've worn. It's supporting, flattering, versatile, and chic; what more could a girl ask for in a bra? The lace material is soft on the skin while the supportive underwire helps lift and enhance the cleavage without having to wear a push-up. 

One of the things that differentiates ThirdLove and other lingerie companies is that they have half sizes, so girls who are in between cup sizes have a bra that will fit them. For more information on their sizes and the types of bras that they have, click here.

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