Hello, loves! It's been a month since my last post, I think, and I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting lately. So much has been happening since my last post that I haven't been able to take pictures or sit down to type up a post. I've been surrounded by so much positivity lately that I've started to use up more of my time working on my school work and side projects. I probably will write a post about what's been going on in my life later, but as of now, I want to focus on this new product that I've been trying: LANAKIN.

Unlike my male friends who have long thick eyelashes, I haven't been blessed with the same (seriously though, why are guys so lucky to have a gorgeous set of eyelashes?). I always have to have mascara on when I walk out of the house because I think that even without eyeliner or shadow, long curled lashes will open up the eyes and brighten the face alone. So when Hawke Media contacted me and asked me if I wanted collaborate with LANAKIN, I had to say yes.

"LANAKIN promotes the growth of longer, stronger, and fuller lashes from within. LANAKIN's unique blend of 38 natural ingredients support longer, fuller lashes without any harmful side effects." To see all the natural ingredients, click here. Some of the ingredients that I'd like to expand on, though, is lycopene, burdock root, primrose, and green tea extract.
   > LYCOPENE - Lycopene has strong antioxidant capabilities that help to protect the eyelashes from daily damage by free radicals in the air
   > BURDOCK ROOT - Helps to remove toxins, which is essential in cleansing the body of toxins or harmful elements from the root of the hair follicles
   > PRIMROSE - The oil of evening primrose improves acne and eczema. Its emollient properties helps hydrate and soften hair and skin
   > GREEN TEA EXTRACT - These abundant antioxidants keep the DNA intact and they stabilize the membranes of cells, hence promoting lash growth.

So from reading the benefits of these particular ingredients, we can assume that LANAKIN not only helps with eyelashes, but with skin and hair, too! And from reading the data from their website, LANAKIN claims that the product will help the growth of longer lashes by 34%, thicker lashes by 52%, skin by 38%, hair by 41%, and even nails with 55%! 

Each LANAKIN bottle contains 28 pills that you take twice a day for two weeks. So fingers crossed that my eyelashes will grow soon, and see you lovelies in two weeks!

This post has been generously sponsored by LANAKIN. For more information and to follow them on their other social platforms, please visit:

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