As a digital arts student, I came to school pretty ill-prepared.

For the longest time, I didn't have a backpack to carry my things in, which is a terrible thing, especially for an art student who has to drive an hour to school and an hour back with lots of notebooks, pens, and a laptop. I had to put all my stuff into a tote bag whenever I was carrying my laptop around. That's terrible for my laptop. So you can imagine my excitement and relief when Incase asked me to collaborate with them.

Incase is a company that sells assortment of cases for your everyday technology. From phone cases to camera bags, Incase's variety of products is as great as the quality of each product. The designs for each case are pretty minimal, but they can hold so much and protect everything so well.

For the backpack, I chose the Reform Backpack with TENSAERLITE for the 15" MacBook Backpack. I really needed something that would hold my MacBook and protect it from the times I carelessly throw my bag around and from the rain. I love how there's a cage specifically for the laptop, so that it has it's own compartment and doesn't get lost with all my other stuff. There's pockets inside that hold your pens and notebooks, and I love that because I have so many notebooks that I carry around. 

On the side, there are two pretty deep pockets where I put my keys, phone, and headphones. The left pocket is made with a pretty soft material in the interior, so I put my sunglasses in there, so it doesn't get scratched. The pockets are at pretty convenient locations, too, so I don't have to fully take my backpack off to get my essentials. The straps are also pretty sturdy and don't slip off my shoulders like my previous backpacks did. All in all, this backpack is the perfect backpack for school because it's minimal, doesn't have unnecessary pockets, and made with such high quality materials. And as a fashion blogger, it works well with every outfit that I have.

So if you're on the hunt for a good backpack for school or something to carry around your laptop in, check out Incase's line of backpacks! (Also for all you photographers out there, check out their DSLR Pro Camera Backpack! Brandon was eyeing it because it can hold a camera, camera lenS, a laptop, AND an iPad!)

BACKPACK c/o Incase || BRACELET c/o Rafia Jewelry || TOP H&M || SKIRT Cotton On || WEDGES Forever 21

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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  1. incase sounds like they have great products :) i need to check them out

    gorgeous outfit btw





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