I think I've been dwelling on things falling too much lately.

DRESS c/o Charlotte Russe || SUNGLASSES c/o SunglassSpot || WATCH c/o Daniel Wellington || BELT Papaya Clothing || HEELS Off 5th Broadway

Moods falling, happiness dropping, darkness descending. It's almost impossible to think about other things when everything is falling. It's so easy to lay there and slowly take in everything that's falling apart. But sometimes, falling isn't such a bad thing. To find a reason to smile, a reason to get up when you don't want to, a reason to laugh and to feel yourself soaring. Those are the moments worth rising for. Falling in love is something worth rising for. Rising out of fear to fall into comfort and happiness is what I wake up in the morning for. Watching the sunrise in your eyes gives me hope that everything is going to be okay.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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