It's been a while since I've traveled somewhere nice for a vacation.

NECKLACE c/o Charlotte Russe || TOP c/o Charlotte Russe || WATCH c/o Daniel Wellington || PANTS H&M || HEELS Off 5th Ave.

And the funny thing is that these pictures were taken outside of a store of a outdoors mall. Brandon and I don't get a lot of breaks from school, considering that we go to an all year round school. The longest break we get is almost two weeks long for the winter. Other than that, it ranges at around 3-7 days. So we don't get to travel far, but when we have time, we'll visit the cities around us that we haven't gone to together. This time, we went to Palo Alto's Stanford Mall. We weren't planning on staying there long because we wanted to visit Stanford University, but we found that this mall was actually beautiful to shoot at, so we spent all of our time shooting there. 

I decided to go with an all white outfit because I realized that I've never shot an all white outfit for my blog before. I really enjoy wearing all white, but it's so hard to maintain the outfit because it gets dirty so quickly! So when shooting these, I cleaned the seats, the walls, everything with my hands just so that my butt wouldn't get dirty. The things we do for fashion.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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