September ended. Now I'm waking up.

I feel like these photos were taken forever ago, but it was just a month. It's funny how time moves so quickly, but everything feels like ages ago. I love shooting outfits because it's effortless remembering what I did that day and who I was with. In the first photo, Brandon and I had come from my cousin's apartment from a movie marathon sleepover when we had awoken the next morning and spontaneously drove to San Jose for a shoot. The second, he took me to a tunnel under a freeway just before we headed off to Walnut Creak for fries and ice cream. The third was the most recent, and we celebrated his cousin's baby shower after our experimental lighting shoot. The fourth, we had celebrated my rebranding and shot with his new lighting equipment for the first time. And lastly, I took him to a more hidden part of Milpitas, where we would frequent.

To me, these photos are more than just an outfit thrown together; these photos are memories and a way to see how far I've gone and how much I've grown. I've grown tremendously this past month and have gotten so much support from mentors and, of course, all of you.

I'm trying to post more, but I'm getting loaded with homework. In the mean time, follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (username: dianehoang) to see what I'm up to! Let me know how September was for you in the comments; I'd love to read about them :)

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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