We stepped out of the norm for a bit.

NECKLACE & EARRINGS c/o Mirina Collections [ use 'dianehoang' for 20% off anything! ] || JACKET Styles For Less || PANTS Zara

As digital art students, we like to test out what we can do. Brandon got an amazing light set with a variety of gels and lights, so he, being creative as he is, decided that he wanted to shoot me under these lights. We weren't aiming for any kind of look, we just wanted to experiment with how lights could give off a different mood depending on where it's at and how diffused or harsh it is. It's funny because he's more familiar with actual light set ups, but I've only been exposed to light set ups on the computer with animation programs.

Let's talk about this necklace for a moment because it's my favorite accessory forever at the time. This Mirina Collections necklace is seriously all you could ever want in a necklace. It's layered, elegant, and flashy as hell. It's so easy to wear with a simple outfit to dress up, or to wear with an evening dress to really go all out. And lately, I've been all for simple outfits with a statement piece.

Let me know what you guys think about the photos and if you'd want to see more of them, and also what your personal favorite statement piece is! 

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis
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