As someone who only owns two bags, I always try to find a way to style it up more.
I'm not someone who has a lot of bags; it's much more convenient for me to dump everything in a backpack and carry it out with me. Backpack to school, backpack to my relative's house, backpack to the mall, etc. The only two "fashion" bags I own are both Steve Madden bags that I found at Macy's and Ross, one small and one big. For the second week of the Coutourist Challenge, I decided to style up one of my bags to give the feel that I actually own more than two bags, haha! An accessory to my accessory if you will.

For the first look, I rolled up my scarf and thread them through the holes of the handle of the bag and put the middle of the scarf in my bag. The small tassels give the bag a cute look almost resembling a little girl with pigtails.

For the second look, I did the same steps as the first one, but dragged the tassels out longer and left the middle part to go straight across the top of the bag. I felt that the silk and the beautiful blue color of the scarf gave almost a waterfall effect to the bag. The effect also shows a lot of movement as it trails back when I walk around with the bag.

You can treat your bag like your hair and wrap up the scarf onto your bag like you would do as a head wrap! For this look, I tied the scarf around the flap of my bag and tied a double knot. The scarf gives the bag a nice shiny bow, making the bag a little more youthful and feminine.


When choosing this bag from the many others I saw, I fell for this one because of the versatility, how big it was, the amount of pockets it had, and the simplicity of muted colors and design. Because this bag was such a dusty and muted color, I wanted to spice up the entire look by making it almost a completely different bag. For this look, I tucked the ends of the scarf into the bag under the flap and pinned the ends to the inside of the bag, leaving the rest of the middle portion draped down going around the bag's button. The scarf gives my bag a sense of life and a more vibrant look, transforming my bag from minimalistic to fun.


CARDIGAN c/o Beyond Hemlines
SCARF c/o Coutourist
[ use 'DIZINED' for $10 off your purchase ]
BOOT CUFFS c/o Royal Scout & Co.
BOOTS Charlotte Russe
BAG Steve Madden


And that's it for round 2 of the Coutourist Challenge! Personally, I never thought of accessorizing my accessory with another accessory, but I'm glad I tried it out. Now I never have to buy another bag again, just more scarves! You can find this scarf and more beautiful scarves like this on Coutourist's online store. Please visit Coutourist and use my code DIZINED for $10 off your entire purchase! Let me know in the comments which look was your favorite and how you would style a Coutourist scarf!

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


© That's Diane