It's always "been too long."

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Today actually marks my two years on my blog, and I didn't even realize until now. I was just thinking the other day how I felt like my life hasn't changed much in the past couple years because of how I was feeling mentally, but as I type this up now I begin to realize how much I really appreciate and proud I am of starting up a blog. I don't really write much about my personal life on here, but for me, my blog shows the progress that I've made in these two years, and the choices I've made and the growth throughout my blog has definitely been more than nothing. I saw my style change, I saw myself become more comfortable in front of the camera, I saw myself change in the way I write, and I saw myself fall in love. Numbers-wise, it hasn't changed, but do I really care in the amount of followers I have or the number of likes I get? No, I don't. I've lost so many followers and don't get a "good number of likes" on my photos (pointed out by a very rude email I got a month back), but I'm so comfortable posting whatever I want and becoming more sure of the person that I am. 

I'm thankful for my family and parents who helped me become the woman I am today, even though I'm honestly a pain in the ass a majority of the time. I'm grateful for Brandon who always makes sure that I have a smile on my face and loves me as a whole even when I can't. I'm thankful for my teachers who push me in the right direction to become a better artist. I'm incredibly grateful for all of my readers, of course, who take their time to just click on my blog or just browse. I'm thankful for all of you because although I write and blog for myself, you all inspire me. 

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, and I hope that you all have a wonderful dinner with your friends and family!

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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