Taken, like, two months ago.

JUMPSUIT c/o Charlotte Russe
JACKET Forever 21
FLATS Urban Outfitters


One of my goals in life is to inspire people; I want to put out good content, so that people can read it, relate to it, or become inspired by it. I've been struggling to produce just some okay content lately (which explains my lack of participation on my blog). Not going to lie, I've been putting myself down and comparing myself to others, saying that my "success" wasn't equal or would never be equal to them. It's ridiculous, right? Every person is different, every path is different, every single thing is different and unique. So why do I have to compare my path to all others that are unachievable? Would I really want to trade my insecurities for a different option? And if I did change it, would I be happy? No, of course not. I would constantly be wanting to change it, and in the end, I would become someone unrecognizable. I don't want that. I've been learning to love the parts of me that I've shoved in the corner or hid behind hair. I can still grow, and I can still learn. I can still change myself for the better and become the person that I want to be. I need to remind myself that I am my only roadblock.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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