Fleek and plump lips; it's all the rage of 2015 (and 2016??).

Looking through all the magazines and social media this time of the year is always a reflection of how the year's trends have changed and how they're going to change. I was reading about how, specifically, makeup had changed over the year. From glittery vibrant eyeshadows to muted and dark colors, glossy lips to matte lips, and, of course, the thin to thick brows. 
Everyday on Instagram, I always see girls commenting #browgoals, #fleek, #browsonfleek, etc., and I always thought it was so funny how brows were of such value and importance in a makeup routine. But after doing my brows a bit more carefully, I realized how much more complete it made my look; I looked a bit more strong. My mom recently got her brows done and tattooed, and it completely changed her look; she looked more happy and brighter, in my family's opinion.
I had some people ask me about my brows before, but it was always hard to explain or to show what I would do, but here's everything! I've recently teamed up with Billion Dollar Brows to present you with the Best Sellers Kit and 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows, basically everything you will ever need to create the perfect brow.

Included in the Best Sellers Kit:
Brow Gel, Brow Duo Pencil, Smudge Brush, & Universal Brow Pencil

Included in the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows:
Brow Powder Taupe & Brow Brush

Using the Billion Dollar Brow sets, I'll be showing you how I do my every day brow routine. The one on your left side is how my brown naturally is, and the one on your right side is the completed.

Using the spoolie brush on the end of my Universal Brow Pencil, I brush my brow hairs to comb all the unruly hairs into the shape that I want it to be in.

I flip the spoolie brush over for the Universal Brow Pencil and trace the bottom of my brow to darken the bottom and to extend the tail of my brow. I'm okay if it's a bit thick at the end because later, I can conceal it to make it even more accurate.

Afterwards, I take the Brow Brush and take some powder from the Brow Powder Taupe and put it on the top part of my brows to fill it in. I prefer having a more softer and gradient top to bottom look for my brows for a bit of a more natural look.

When I'm finished with filling in my brows, I set everything using the Brow Gel.

After setting, I use the Brow Duo Pencil to highlight and conceal my brow. I use the concealer mostly to fix up the tail and bottom of my brow for a more clean look. After concealing, I use the highlight to bring the brow bone higher to contrast with my lid.

I use the smudge brush to smudge out my concealer and highlight.

And here's the finished look! I would hardly consider myself as a makeup artist or say that my brows are on fleek, but it makes me happy, and I feel good with how they look.

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