New year, new me.
Set your goals as soon as you think of them. There's no need to start next week, let alone a new year.

TOP c/o Sammydress
HAT Hellz Bellz
JACKET Charlotte Russe

But regardless, I hope you all had a wonderful new year celebration! It's been such a year, and it's been fantastic to end the year surrounded by such lovely people. I've never had such a memorable winter break. Reminiscing about the year with everyone made me think of the new year resolutions I made last year. Honestly, I can't remember a single one, haha. But is it really necessary to make new year resolutions? It'd be more beneficial to just do what you think you should do to better your life right away, right? With that being said, I want to be more daring from this point out. Whether it's something I'm wearing or something I'm making, I want to feel accomplished after everything.

This lace up top is a good start. I've been seeing girls on Instagram and their blogs wearing tops like this, but I was always nervous about wearing something somewhat revealing. When I saw this top on Sammydress, I thought that it would be versatile because of the hood and the length of this top. I tied the top in a knot at the back, but this top would normally hit my mid thighs. The silky feel to it makes it feel more luxurious and helped me feel more comfortable while wearing it. It's not gray like pictured on Sammydress, but the silvery lavender color is so pretty that I can't complain.

I'm excited for what I can do in 2016; I have so many projects in mind that I can't wait to start and share with you all.

Photography: Brandon Lee Davis


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